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Animated Marker Surrounds

Author: Matt.M Animations

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $4.99

Add another level of clarity to your games with this set of animated token markers.

Inspired by the physical condition rings used to mark your minis in an in-person game. Each animated marker clearly labels your tokens and rotates slowly.

I’ve designed these animations to work at Roll20’s default grid size (70px²).
The default token markers are designed to rotate around a character sized 1x1 on the grid.
The large token markers are designed to rotate around a character sized 3x3 on the grid.

All conditions have been divided into 7 categories and corresponding colours – see chart in preview images.

Please feel free to check out my store for more animated content. I’ve already started on my next pack of animations which will be coming soon.

I hope you enjoy.

i One or more items in this set are licensed only for use in Roll20 and cannot be downloaded for use in other software.

118 Items Included in Animated Marker Surrounds


token marker bane

Bardic Inspirtation

marker status inspiration


token marker barkskin

Bleeding Out

marker bleeding status


token marker blessed


blind marker blinded

Blood Maledict

blood marker maledict


marker status bloodied

Channel Divinity

marker channel divinity


marker status charmed


token marker concentrating


marker status confused


token marker cursed

Dark Vision

dark marker vision


marker status deafened

Death Fail I

death marker fail

Death Fail II

death marker fail

Dodge Action

marker action dodge


token dominated marker


marker status enfeebled


token marker enlarged


marker status exhausted

Exhausted II

token marker exhausted

Exhausted III

marker status exhausted

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