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Hades' Underworld Throne Room & Other Heavens

Author: Miscellanea Maps

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $6.99
This Token Set is available in the following bundles

This map contains an underworld throne room with rough-hewn walls, featuring a tremendous throne for a tremendous god - probably of Death. Probably Hades, actually. It's named after him, after all.

I made this map because I wanted a throne for a relatively subdued or pleasant underworld god. There's a lot of fire and brimstone thrown around, and as far as classical mythology goes, Hades really isn't the worst of the gods. He's arguably the worst to pick a fight with, in fact, since - as the Reaper - he'll always win in the end.

Of course, sometimes you want fire and brimstone instead. Don't worry, this pack has that too. There's also some unrelated more un/heavenly thrones. The throne's owner might not even be divine. I could easily see these used for sorcerous powers. Maybe the throne has an enchantment that makes those who sit in it appear to be like giants. Or maybe the throne's owner is long departed and the new resident sits in front of it, or on a wooden stool, as some sort of mockery of the tradition. That sounds like a funny 1st level encounter.

This map comes with the following major variants:

All variants are as follows:

If you're interested in the Frost Throne specifically, consider checking out my Winter & Ice Map Collection! It includes the Frost Throne maps found in this pack, as well as a ton of other thematic map variants! If you already own the Winter & Ice Map Collection, this map pack's Frost Throne is identical to the one in the collection.

22 Items Included in Hades' Underworld Throne Room & Other Heavens

Hades' Throne Room Pit (34x22) (Clean)

throne pit underworld

Hell's Throne Room Pit (34x22) (Clean)

devil demon satan

Hell's Executive Office (34x22) (Clean)

office lava evil

Hell's Throne Room (34x22) (Clean)

hell fiery underworld

Hell's Executive Office Pit (34x22) (Clean)

hell abyss ceo

Ice Throne (34x22) (Clean)

room throne ice

Ice Throne Pit (34x22) (Clean)

ice king queen

Golden God in Heaven (34x22) (Clean)

light god good

Black God in Heaven (34x22) (Clean)

evil abyss abyssal

Hades' Throne Room (34x22) (Square)

hades greek greece

Hades' Throne Room Pit (34x22) (Square)

throne mythology classical

Lightless Throne (34x22) (Square)

dwarf ruins dwarven

Hell's Executive Office (34x22) (Square)

evil magical demonic

Hell's Throne Room (34x22) (Square)

throne balor devilish

Hell's Throne Room Pit (34x22) (Square)

evil god underworld

Hell's Executive Office Pit (34x22) (Square)

office tax corporate

Ice Throne (34x22) (Square)

frozen blizzard glacial

Ice Throne Pit (34x22) (Square)

throne ice frozen

Black God in Heaven (34x22) (Square)

pit god dark

Golden God in Heaven (34x22) (Square)

holy good lawful

Hades' Throne Room (34x22) (Clean)

fire unholy unnatural

Lightless Throne (34x22) (Clean)

river underground dwarven

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