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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Cliffside Pagoda & Waterfall

Author: Miscellanea Maps

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $6.99
This Token Set is available in the following bundles

This map contains a pagoda on a cliffside, with a river separating it from the presumed main point of entry. A multi-layered cliff and set of carved stone staircases should offer tactical options and a variety of routes through the map. Variants include desert/autumn/spring/faewild adjustments and maps stripped of the pagoda (and therefore with more open space), amongst other things.

This map comes with the following major variants:

All variants are as follows:

All come with gridded and gridless versions.

46 Items Included in Cliffside Pagoda & Waterfall

(22x34) Pagoda Waterfall (Clean) Night

waterfall cliff pagoda

(22x34) Pagoda Waterfall (Clean)

waterfall temple monastary

(22x34) Waterfall Bridge (Clean)

bridge path trail

(22x34) Waterfall Bridge (Clean) Night

forest waterfall falls

(22x34) Desert Waterfall (Clean) Night

desert wasteland dunes

(22x34) Desert Waterfall (Clean)

river sand wasteland

(22x34) Empty Field (Clean) Night

river field plains

(22x34) Empty Field (Clean)

fields stream savanna

(22x34) Pagoda Waterfall (Clean) Autumn

stream autumn waterfall

(22x34) Pagoda Waterfall (Clean) Autumn Night

winter autumn waterfall

(22x34) Empty Field (Clean) Autumn Night

grass dead brown

(22x34) Waterfall Bridge (Clean) Autumn

grass grey fall

(22x34) Waterfall Bridge (Clean) Autumn Night

river stream creek

(22x34) Empty Field (Clean) Autumn

fall field autumn

(22x34) Desert Hole (Clean) Night

pit hole antlion

(22x34) Desert Hole (Clean)

den hive antlion

(22x34) Dry Desert Cliffs (Clean) Night

pit cliff chasm

(22x34) Dry Desert Cliffs (Clean)

dry cliff riverbed

(22x34) Fey Pagoda (Square)

fae fairy fair folk

(22x34) Fey Pagoda (Clean)

blossoms cherry faewild

(22x34) Waterfall Bridge (Clean) Spring

bridge spring cherry

(22x34) Waterfall Bridge (Clean) Spring Night

bridge waterfall spring

(22x34) Pagoda Waterfall (Clean) Spring

spring chinese buddhist

(22x34) Pagoda Waterfall (Clean) Spring Night

spring japan japanese

(22x34) Pagoda Waterfall (Square)

temple buddhist shinto

(22x34) Pagoda Waterfall (Square) Night

asian asia eastern

(22x34) Waterfall Bridge (Square) Night

bridge stream waterfall

(22x34) Waterfall Bridge (Square)

bridge lake waterfall

(22x34) Desert Waterfall (Square) Night

desert waterfall cliff

(22x34) Desert Waterfall (Square)

stairs staircase stairway

(22x34) Empty Field (Square) Night

field staircase stairway

(22x34) Empty Field (Square)

field waterfall ruins

(22x34) Waterfall Bridge (Square) Autumn Night

ruins ancient ruined

(22x34) Empty Field (Square) Autumn

fall autumn waterfall

(22x34) Waterfall Bridge (Square) Autumn

brown grey autumn

(22x34) Pagoda Waterfall (Square) Autumn Night

autumn dying pagoda

(22x34) Pagoda Waterfall (Square) Autumn

waterfall dying pagoda

(22x34) Empty Field (Square) Autumn Night

field nighttime autumn

(22x34) Desert Hole (Square)

cavern pit hole

(22x34) Desert Hole (Square) Night

cavern cave chasm

(22x34) Dry Desert Cliffs (Square)

desert sand dry

(22x34) Dry Desert Cliffs (Square) Night

desert dry dried

(22x34) Pagoda Waterfall (Square) Spring Night

waterfall spring pagoda

(22x34) Pagoda Waterfall (Square) Spring

waterfall spring pagoda

(22x34) Waterfall Bridge (Square) Spring Night

spring blossom cherry

(22x34) Waterfall Bridge (Square) Spring

waterfall blossom cherry

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