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Ddraig Goch's Tyranny Pack 3

Author: Kiel Thompson $5.99 USD

This product depicts 58 uniquely designed, 3D rendered tokens to be used in your fantasy role-playing games. The pack consists of both good and evil forces. Hunters, Winged Kobolds, Dragonclaws, Violet Fungi, Stirges, Dragonborn, Troglodytes, Guard Drakes, Kobolds, Beserkers, Roper, Kobolds with bombs, Guards, Cultists, both male and female, Dragon Eggs, both cracked open and whole. And as a bonus I have included 4 treasure chests, both opened and closed along with 2 other bonus tokens from Pack 2.

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58 Items Included in Ddraig Goch's Tyranny Pack 3

Chest 1 Open

trunk box treasure

Chest 2 Closed

storage crate wooden

Chest 2 Open With Clothes

uniform box treasure

Chest 2 Open

lockedbox handles wooden

Chest 2 Closed

carridge trunk locked

Black Dragon Egg Broken

dragonling embrio cracked

Black Dragon Egg Cracking

dragonling cracked drake

Blue Dragon Egg Broken

fetus dragonling drake

Blue Dragon Egg Cracking

magic lightning drake

Red Dragon Egg Broken

dragonling baby drake

Red Dragon Egg Cracking

nest cracked fire

Blue Male Dragonborn Champion

cyanwrath langdedrosa leader

Male Dragonclaw 1

scimitar sabre sword

Male Dragonclaw 2

swords man fighter

Female Cultist 1

clothes armour npc cultist leather brown black cloak woman rogue fighter female sword warrior armor fantasy token

Female Cultist 2

hooded rogue sword

Female Head Cleric

mondath frulam priest

Flying Kobold 1

lizard wings brown

Flying Kobold 2

dagger lizard blue

Flying Kobold 3

standing green knife

Flying Kobold 4

albino lizard blue

Flying Kobold 5

tan lizard brown

Flying Kobold 6

frayed wings grey

Guard Drake 1

lizard grey armor

Guard Drake 2

stalking white armor

Guard Drake 3

armour green metal

Guard Drake 4

looking yellow up

Kobold With Dagger 1

lizard green armor

Kobold With Dagger 2

attacking lizard purple

Kobold With Fire Bomb 1

incendiary explosive fire

Kobold With Fire Bomb 2

thrown boom missile

Kobold With Glue Bomb 1

stuck sticky lizard

Kobold With Sling 1

orange slingshot red

Kobold With Sling 2

thrown throwing green

Kobold With Glue Bomb 2

egg spray web

Male Bezerker 1

beserker barbarian axe

Male Bezerker 2

greataxe man fighter

Male Cultist 1

dark hooded black

Male Cultist 2

kicking fighter sword

Male Cultist Sleeping

passed out drunk

Male Human Guard 1

duty chainmail shield

Male Human Guard 2

chain spear armor

Male Human Guard 3

armoured spear shield

Male Human Guard 4

spiked buckler spear

Male Hunter 1

guarding sitting bow

Male Hunter 2

wittling crafting arrow

Roper Attacking

tentacle monster stone

Roper Hidden

stalactite stone rock

Stirge 1

insect flying blood

Stirge 2

sucking black winged

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