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Absalom: City of Lost Omens Art Pack

Author: Paizo
This Token Set is available in the following bundles

Content Warning: While Absalom, City of Lost Omens contains a great deal of content suitable for everyone, it also presents themes of slavery, ableism, body horror, and human experimentation. Before you use this material in a campaign, understand that player consent (including that of the Game Master) is vital to a safe and fun play experience for everyone. Talk with your players before using these themes at the table and modify descriptions or scenarios as appropriate.

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Art Pack

You can access the Character Art Pack under the Premium Assets section of the Art Library in-app. These assets are only available for in-app use.

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547 Items Included in Absalom: City of Lost Omens Art Pack

ACLO Azarketi 2 Handout

gillmen aquatic fighter

ACLO Azarketi 3 Handout

deep aquatic rogue

ACLO Azarketi 4 Handout

fish ranger armor

ACLO Azarketi 5 Handout

cutlass swashbuckler pirate

ACLO Azarketi 6 Handout

witch sorcerer warlock

ACLO Catfolk 1 Handout

commoner merchant noble

ACLO Dwarf 4 Handout

westerhold-innkeeper bartender alchemist

ACLO Gnome 1 Handout

inventor clerk wizard

ACLO Halfling 1 Handout

criminal tough rogue

ACLO Halfling 2 Handout

dog-cart-driver commoner rogue

ACLO Halfling 3 Handout

union-member baker chef

ACLO Halfling 4 Handout

grand-council-clerk adventurer wizard

ACLO Halfling 5 Handout

laborer commoner rogue

ACLO Human 10 Handout

agent-of-edgewatch captain guard

ACLO Human 11 Handout

starwatch-officer captain guard

ACLO Human 13 Handout

street-cook chef merchant

ACLO Human 21 Handout

badger half-elf druid

ACLO Human 23 Handout

guild-leader merchant cat

ACLO Human 24 Handout

qadiran guild-leader merchant

ACLO Human 25 Handout

smuggler sailor merchant

ACLO Human 27 Handout

varlokkur-agent spellcaster priest

ACLO Human 30 Handout

council-dignitary politician noble

ACLO Human 31 Handout

skinsaw-cultist assassin priest

ACLO Human 45 Handout

half-elf bard noble

ACLO Human 49 Handout

merchant young cleric

ACLO Human 56 Handout

cultist cleric priest

ACLO Human 72 Handout

city-planner politician rogue

ACLO Kobold 1 Handout

guard fighter military

ACLO NPC Azarketi 1 Token

criminal swashbuckler rogue

ACLO NPC Azarketi 2 Token

gillmen aquatic fighter

ACLO NPC Azarketi 3 Token

deep aquatic rogue

ACLO NPC Azarketi 4 Token

fish ranger armor

ACLO NPC Azarketi 5 Token

cutlass swashbuckler pirate

ACLO NPC Azarketi 6 Token

witch sorcerer warlock

ACLO NPC Azarketi Named Lemaria Kumari 1 Handout

bureaucrat patron diplomat

ACLO NPC Azarketi Named Lemaria Kumari 1 Token

bureaucrat patron diplomat

ACLO NPC Azarketi Named Sealord Amodjun 1 Handout

politician spellcaster sorcerer

ACLO NPC Azarketi Named Sealord Amodjun 1 Token

politician spellcaster sorcerer

ACLO NPC Catfolk 1 Token

commoner merchant noble

ACLO NPC Centaur 1 Token

guard barbarian fighter

ACLO NPC Construct Named Rubeis 1 Handout

masked gladiator fighter

ACLO NPC Construct Named Rubeis 1 Token

masked gladiator fighter

ACLO NPC Dragon Named Maejerx Steeleye 1 Handout

invader purple villain

ACLO NPC Dragon Named Maejerx Steeleye 1 Token

invader purple villain

ACLO NPC Dwarf 1 Token

guard assassin rogue

ACLO NPC Dwarf 2 Token

farmer merchant fighter

ACLO NPC Dwarf 3 Token

commoner farmer young

ACLO NPC Dwarf 4 Token

westerhold-innkeeper bartender alchemist

ACLO NPC Dwarf Named Bagara Broadfoot 1 Handout

inventor artificer firefighter

ACLO NPC Dwarf Named Bagara Broadfoot 1 Token

inventor artificer firefighter

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