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Roll20 Marketplace Product

The Orthodox Church

Author: Miscellanea Maps

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $6.99

If you're after a (reasonably) accurate Byzantine-era church, look no further! This temple is based on Greek/Eastern Orthodox architectural characteristics, including a round central nave surrounded by choir stands, the narthex, and a segregated sanctuary split from the main chamber by an iconostasis! If that doesn't mean anything to you, don't worry, since it's versatile as a generic temple as well.

This map comes with the following major variants:

All variants are as follows:

All maps come with gridded and gridless versions.

60 Items Included in The Orthodox Church

Orthodox Church (22x17) (Clean) Rural Night

church cathedral rural

Orthodox Church (22x17) (Clean) Rural

village byzantine orthodox

Orthodox Church (22x17) (Clean) Night

church hamlet parish

Orthodox Church (22x17) (Clean)

city village town

Oracle (Clean) (22x17) Rural Night

seer magician oracle

Oracle (Clean) (22x17)

wizard oracle diviner

Oracle (Clean) (22x17) Rural

divine divination divinity

Oracle (Clean) (22x17) Night

divine divination divinity

Water Seer's Parish (Clean) (22x17) Night

magic pool water

Water Seer's Parish (Clean) (22x17)

seer arcane divination

Water Seer's Parish (Clean) (22x17) Rural Night

aquatic aqua watery

Water Seer's Parish (Clean) (22x17) Rural

fortune prophet teller

Autumn Holy Magic (22x17) (Clean) Night

holy religious religion

Autumn Holy Magic (22x17) (Clean)

fall autumn temple

Autumn Church (22x17) (Clean)

fall autumn temple

Autumn Church (22x17) (Clean) Night

fall autumn temple

Holy Circle Evil Night (22x17) (Clean)

shield spirit religion

Holy Circle Evil Night (22x17) (Clean) Rural

barrier defense protection

Evil Night (22x17) (Clean) Rural

ghostly fog foggy

Holy Circle Evil Night (22x17) (Clean) Autumn

circle autumn ring

Evil Night (22x17) (Clean) Autumn

monster evil foggy

Evil Night (22x17) (Clean)

evil dark fog

Holy Magic (22x17) (Clean)

city protection greek

Holy Magic (22x17) (Clean) Night

town greece italy

Holy Magic (22x17) (Clean) Rural Night

rome roman italian

Holy Magic (22x17) (Clean) Rural

forest plains farmland

Orthodox Church (22x17) (Square) Rural

farm hamlet thorp

Orthodox Church (22x17) (Square) Rural Night

church village temple

Orthodox Church (22x17) (Square) Night

italian venice italy

Orthodox Church (22x17) (Square)

city greece venetian

Oracle (Square) (22x17) Rural Night

soothsayer oracle augur

Oracle (Square) (22x17) Night

psychic psionic augur

Oracle (Square) (22x17) Rural

priest temple psionic

Oracle (Square) (22x17)

prismatic prism stained glass

Water Seer's Parish (Square) (22x17) Rural

seer oracle theurgic

Water Seer's Parish (Square) (22x17) Night

theurgy theocracy theocratic

Water Seer's Parish (Square) (22x17)

cleric clergy clerical

Water Seer's Parish (Square) (22x17) Rural Night

cleric clergy clerical

Oracle (Clean) (22x17) Autumn Night

priest priestly priesthood

Oracle (Clean) (22x17) Autumn

temple minister ministry

Water Seer's Parish (Clean) (22x17) Autumn

seer soothsayer oracle

Water Seer's Parish (Clean) (22x17) Autumn Night

temple diviner augur

Autumn Holy Magic (22x17) (Square) Night

christian orthodox christ

Autumn Church (22x17) (Square)

christian orthodox christianity

Autumn Holy Magic (22x17) (Square)

church christian christianity

Autumn Church (22x17) (Square) Night

autumn divine trinity

Evil Night (22x17) (Square)

spooky fog monstrous

Holy Circle Evil Night (22x17) (Square)

good protection monstrous

Holy Circle Evil Night (22x17) (Square) Rural

evil good protection

Holy Circle Evil Night (22x17) (Square) Autumn

evil good protection

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