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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Modular Desert/Arabian Buildings

Author: Miscellanea Maps

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $6.99

This is a package consisting of a 22x17 Arabian-inspired town street map plus approximately 75 rooms of various shapes and form factors! 24 of these rooms are pre-decorated, while the remainder are modular rooms to be assembled and decorated as you desire. In addition to this, a large variety of other assorted parts are included for assembling your ideal desert town, such as rooftops, tents, and palm trees!

This package comes with the following:

Furniture is not included, except for the rooms wherein it has been baked in!

The pre-made map is 22x17 tiles, or 3,080 x 2,380 pixels. It comes at a resolution of 140ppi, and all versions come with or without grids.
All room tiles are 140ppi PNG files, and come in multiples thereof; they have their respective sizes included in the file names.

172 Items Included in Modular Desert/Arabian Buildings

Desert Streets (22x17) (Clean)

temple oracle market

Desert Rooftops (22x17) (Clean) Night

roof city street

Desert Rooftops (22x17) (Clean)

village town hamlet

Desert Streets (22x17) (Clean) Night

tavern home hovel

2x3 Temple Storage

crate storage boxes

3x3 Hovel 2

house hut hovel

3x4 Seer

seer prophet divination

3x4 Tavern

tavern bar inn

3x3 Kitchen

kitchen cook chef

4x4 Opium Den

drug hookah opium

6x6 Temple

temple religious divine

2x4 Hallway

desert adobe hall

3x3 Hovel 1

home hut hovel

2x2 Inn Room 1

bed bedroom inn

1x2 Pot Room

pot pottery entry

Roomless Desert Streets (22x17) (Clean) Night

fountain streets arabia

Roomless Desert Streets (22x17) (Clean)

fountain market plaza

4x4 Smithy

blacksmith smith forge

2x2 Prison Cell 4

prison cell jail

5x5 Mess Hall

dining cafeteria mess

6x6 Temple (Alternative)

temple sacred mosque

2x2 Prison Cell 1

prison cell jail

2x2 Prison Cell 3

prison cell jail

3x3 Nice Bedroom

bed bedroom rest

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