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Roll20 Marketplace Product

The Gondola Drydock / Skydock

Author: Miscellanea Maps

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $6.99
This Token Set is available in the following bundles

Easily one of Venice's most famous symbols - and an exceptionally beautiful and complex craft - is the gondola, an asymmetric boat designed to be operated by just one rower - whose shape offsets the force from the singular pilot. And this is where they're made! Take it from me, you're missing out if your fantasy world doesn't have a Venice equivalent; and if you happen to want to feature a wonderful piece of real-world culture, look no further.

Included in this pack is a set of drydocks suitable for gondolas and other watercraft; also included are variants to aid you in generating scenarios for use - ranging from a custom and extrordinary gaudy royal commission to a blazing inferno.

In addition to the above, this map comes with a pack of five boats - three gondolas (one ordinary, one unfinished, and a royal gondola) plus two rowboats (as a bonus!)

This map comes with the following major variants:

All variants are as follows:

The boats have their size listed in their name, but just in case, the gondolas are 7 squares long and the rowboats are 3 and 2 squares long respectively.

45 Items Included in The Gondola Drydock / Skydock

(22x17) The Gondola Drydock (Clean) Night

boat gondola drydock

(22x17) The Gondola Drydock (Clean) Rain

rain storm downpour

(22x17) The Gondola Drydock (Clean)

italian venice italy

(22x17) The Gondola Skydock (Clean) Rain

flying sky floating

(22x17) The Gondola Skydock (Clean) Night

flying sky floating

(22x17) The Gondola Skydock (Clean)

airship airdock skydock

(22x17) The Commission (Clean) Fire!

fire burning blazing

(22x17) The Gondola Drydock (Clean) Fire!

fire burning blazing

(22x17) The Commission (Clean) Rain

downpour raining storming

(22x17) The Commission (Clean)

gold royal nobility

(22x17) The Commission (Clean) Night

royalty royal duke

(22x17) Underground Commission (Clean)

dwarf dwarven duke

(22x17) Underground Drydock (Clean)

river underground canal

(22x17) Underground Drydock (Clean) Fewer Vessels

underground underdark canal

(22x17) The Gondola Drydock (Square) Night

river canal italy

(22x17) The Gondola Drydock (Square)

boat gondola carpenter

(22x17) The Gondola Drydock (Square) Rain

rain storm downpour

(22x17) The Gondola Skydock (Square)

sky floating airship

(22x17) The Gondola Skydock (Square) Night

flying floating airship

(22x17) The Gondola Skydock (Square) Rain

flying floating airship

(22x17) The Commission (Square) Fire!

burning blaze arson

(22x17) The Gondola Drydock (Square) Fire!

fire smoke arson

(22x17) The Commission - Skydock (Clean) Rain

flying floating skydock

(22x17) The Commission - Skydock (Clean) Night

flying floating drydock

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