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Ghost Hill (Tower / Crucifixion / Altar / Gate)

Author: Miscellanea Maps

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $6.99

A big pack of strange and unpleasant things! This is Ghost Hill, containing a wide variety of scenario-based maps ranging from a mysterious polygonal gate to a massive, wobbling fleshy wizard tower! Do your players witness a bloody execution? A gate to a deep and forbidden plane? Check out the previews for the full set of variants!

This map comes with the following major variants:

Baked-in square grids are 100% optional and clean, ungridded versions for everything are provided.

All variants are as follows:

40 Items Included in Ghost Hill (Tower / Crucifixion / Altar / Gate)

Empty Crosses (22x34) (Clean) Night

cross hill crucifixion

Empty Crosses (22x34) (Clean)

hill execution crucifixion

Bloody Crucifixion (22x34) (Clean)

death execution penalty

Bloody Crucifixion (22x34) (Clean) Night

cross execution crucifixion

Ghost Hill (22x34) (Clean) Night

ghost spooky hill

Ghost Hill (22x34) (Clean)

pinnacle hill peak

Ghost Hill (22x34) (Clean) Ghost Night

ghost pinnacle haunted

OXENFREE (22x34) (Clean)

alien haunted eldrich

The Stone Table (22x34) (Clean) Night

altar sacrifice stonehenge

The Stone Table (22x34) (Clean)

altar sacrifice stonehenge

The Gate (22x34) (Clean)

gate portal eldritch

The Sacrifice (22x34) (Clean) Night

altar table sacrifice

Sacrificial OXENFREE (22x34) (Clean)

gate sacrifice eldritch

The Sacrifice (22x34) (Clean)

altar sacrifice stonehenge

A Wizard's Tower (22x34) (Clean) Night

wizard tower flesh

A Wizard's Tower (22x34) (Clean)

horror wizard flesh

Cherry Blossom Hill (22x34) (Clean) Night

fey cherry feywild

Cherry Blossom Hill (22x34) (Clean)

japan blossom cherry

Onceler's Shack (22x34) (Clean)

house hut shack

Onceler's Shack (22x34) (Clean) Night

house hut shack

Empty Crosses (22x34) (Square)

cross execution crucifix

Empty Crosses (22x34) (Square) Night

cross execution crucifix

Bloody Crucifixion (22x34) (Square) Night

cross death execution

Bloody Crucifixion (22x34) (Square)

execution crucifixion crucifix

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