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Darkwoulfe's Token Pack Vol7 - Heroes and Villains

Author: Riley Owens $4.99

This token pack consist of 25 uniquely designed, 3D rendered tokens, depicting both heroes (Ironclad Dwarf, Elven Knight, Scarred Ranger, Monk Explorer, Sorceress, Southern Barbarian, Forged Fighter, and an Upland Barbarian) and villains/monsters (Duergar - Champion, Fighter, Monk, Crossbowman, Wizard, Rogue, Axeman, Cleric, Derro - Fighter, Rogue, Svirfneblin, and a Stone Giant). These tokens are suitable for use with any fantasy roleplaying ruleset. Feedback is always appreciated!

25 Items Included in Darkwoulfe's Token Pack Vol7 - Heroes and Villains


pony dao tail platemail plate dark skull black paladin heavy fighter knight armor fantasy token

Derro Fighter

short underground blue shield sword fantasy token

Derro Warrior

hook short underground whip blue rogue sword fantasy token

Dual Weapon Fighter

dual bronze sword armor fantasy token

Duergar Monk with a Flail

duergar flail robes dark black monk dwarf fantasy token

Duergar Rogue

duergar dual dark swords leather black rogue dwarf sword armor fantasy token

Duergar Wizard

asmodaes duergar robes robe dark black caster warlock dwarf wizard fantasy token

Duergar in Black Leather Crossbowman

duergar dark leather black crossbow dwarf armor fantasy token

Duergar in Black Leather Hammer and Shield

duergar dark leather black hammer shield dwarf armor fantasy token

Duergar in Black Leather Mace and Shield

duergar head dark leather black red shield mace dwarf armor fantasy token

Duergar in Chain

duergar dark chain black shield dwarf axe armor fantasy token

Duergar with Maul

maul duergar champion dark leather black red horns helm boss dwarf armor fantasy token

Elven Knight in Field Plate - Skylancer

griffin flamberge platemail plate field paladin heavy fighter shield elf knight armor fantasy token


platemail construct plate star paladin heavy fighter shield longsword sword knight armor fantasy token

Hafling Crossbowman

shord hafling hobbit suit rogue crossbow fantasy token

Ironclad Dwarf

platemail battleaxe plate paladin heavy fighter shield dwarf axe knight armor fantasy token

Monk Explorer

hood robes pick backpack cane staff monk fantasy token


sorceror caster warlock wizard fantasy token

Scarred Ranger

scarred fur leather brown scar longsword sword human fantasy token


dreads witch beads caster swamp fantasy token

Southern Barbarian

greatsword leather barbarian fighter armor fantasy token

Stone Giant Librarian

stonegiant robes scroll giant stone fantasy token

Svirfneblin Fighter

pickaxe pick dark gnome fighter shield fantasy token

Svirfneblin Ooze King

insane mad dark gnome rogue fantasy token

Upland Barbarian

greataxe battleaxe leather hair red barbarian heavy fighter armor fantasy token

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