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Roll20 Marketplace Product

The Rooms of Castle Direhold

Author: Momentous Maps

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $6.99

The Rooms of Castle Direhold combines the unique detail and individuality of a bespoke battle map with the re-usability of a traditional modular tile set.

Quickly and easily drag and drop a custom castle layout in minutes.

The pack contains 20 8X10 Room Tiles. Furnished and unfurnished versions of each tile are available. The pack also includes 89 room furniture assets allowing you to furnish each tile as you see fit.

Each tile also comes with a descriptive encounter sheet, giving an overview of the room(s), a scenario and adventure hooks that the Game Master may use if he so wishes.

The cards are usually split into 3 sections:
1. A description of the tile that the game master may read out to give the flavour of the rooms within.
2. An encounter that adventurers may find within the room.
3. Treasure that the Adventurers may find if the encounter is successfully completed.

Bonus Content
10 Castle Wall Tiles and and 12 Roof Tiles from the Map Tile Pack
The Walls of Castle Direhold - Coming Soon

173 Items Included in The Rooms of Castle Direhold

MMRCD - The Ancient Bathhouse Furnished 8x10

dungeon castle bathhouse

MMRCD - The Ancient Bathhouse Unfurnished 8x10

castle unfurnished bathhouse

MMRCD - The Armoury Furnished 8x10

castle armoury armory

MMRCD - The Armoury Unfurnished 8x10

castle armory unfurnished

MMRCD - The Bakery Furnished 8x10

dungeon castle bakery

MMRCD - The Bakery Unfurnished 8x10

dungeon castle unfurnished

MMRCD - The Bed Chambers Furnished 8x10

dungeon castle bedroom

MMRCD - The Bed Chambers Unfurnished 8x10

castle bedroom unfurnished

MMRCD - The Catacombs Furnished 8x10

dungeon castle catacomb

MMRCD - The Catacombs Unfurnished 8x10

castle unfurnished catacomb

MMRCD - The Cellars Furnished 8x10

dungeon castle cellar

MMRCD - The Cellars Unfurnished 8x10

castle cellar unfurnished

MMRCD - The Cells Furnished 8x10

dungeon castle cells

MMRCD - The Cells Unfurnished 8x10

castle unfurnished cells

MMRCD - The Chapel Furnished 8x10

church castle chapel

MMRCD - The Chapel Unfurnished 8x10

castle unfurnished chapel

MMRCD - The Great Hall Furnished 8x10

castle hall banquet

MMRCD - The Great Hall Unfurnished 8x10

castle hall unfurnished

MMRCD - The Guards Quarters Furnished 8x10

dungeon castle guardroom

MMRCD - The Guards Quarters Unfurnished 8x10

castle unfurnished guardroom

MMRCD - The Jailhouse Furnished 8x10

prison castle jailhouse

MMRCD - The Jailhouse Unfurnished 8x10

prison castle unfurnished

MMRCD - The Kitchens Furnished 8x10

food castle kitchen

MMRCD - The Kitchens Unfurnished 8x10

castle kitchen unfurnished

MMRCD - The Library Furnished 8x10

castle books library

MMRCD - The Library Unfurnished 8x10

castle library unfurnished

MMRCD - The Royal Chambers Furnished 8x10

bed castle bedroom

MMRCD - The Royal Chambers Unfurnished 8x10

castle bedroom unfurnished

MMRCD - The Servants Quaters Furnished 8x10

castle kitchen scullery

MMRCD - The Servants Quaters Unfurnished 8x10


MMRCD - The Sorcerers Quarters Furnished 8x10

dungeon magic castle

MMRCD - The Sorcerers Quarters Unfurnished 8x10

magic castle unfurnished

MMRCD - The Throne Room Furnished 8x10

throne castle throneroom

MMRCD - The Throne Room Unfurnished 8x10

castle unfurnished throneroom

MMRCD - The Tomb Furnished 8x10

castle grave tomb

MMRCD - The Tomb Unfurnished 8x10

castle tomb unfurnished

MMRCD - The Torture Chamber Furnished 8x10

prison castle torture

MMRCD - The Torture Chamber Unfurnished 8x10

castle torture unfurnished

MMRCD - The Treasury Furnished 8x10

castle treasury bank

MMRCD - The Treasury Unfurnished 8x10

castle treasury unfurnished

MMWCD Castle Courtyard01 8x10 Base01

wall castle courtyard

MMWCD Castle Courtyard02 8x10 Base01

wall castle courtyard

MMWCD Castle Wall Corner01 8x10 Base

corner wall castle

MMWCD Castle Wall Corner02 8x10 Base

corner wall castle

MMWCD Castle Wall Entrance01 8x10 Base

entrance wall castle

MMWCD Castle Wall Entrance02 8x10 Base

entrance wall castle

MMWCD Castle Wall Steps04 8x10 Base

wall castle stairway

MMWCD Castle Wall Straight01 8x10 Base

straight wall castle

MMWCD Castle Wall Straight02 8x10 Base

straight wall castle

MMWCD Castle Wall Straight03 8x10 Base

straight wall castle

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