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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Essential Animals

Author: Grae Hunter $4.99 USD

It's another Graemation special folks. With 43 unique animal tokens, colored and sized into 54 animals in that Graemation comic book style we've all come to know and love.

Be ready for what ever RPG action is required when the players step off the beaten path, for a taste of the wild side.

Speaking of taste, this pack allows you to add that extra flavor to your adventures or at least a new flavor to the parties stew, with the variety and diversity of a well funded zoo.

54 Items Included in Essential Animals

Ant Queen

ant insect animal

Ant Soldier

ant insect animal

Ant Worker

ant insect animal


gorilla ape animal


baboon ape animal


badger animal

Bear Black

black bear bear animal

Bear Grizzley

grizzley bear animal

Bear Polar

polar bear bear animal


bison animal


pig boar animal

Crocodile Huge

reptile crocodile animal


reptile crocodile animal

Dog A

canine dog animal

Dog B

canine dog animal

Dog C

canine dog animal


donkey animal


elephant animal


fox canine animal

Giant Bee

bee insect animal

Giant Beetle Bite

beetle insect animal

Giant Beetle Glow

beetle insect animal

Giant Beetle Scavanger

beetle insect animal

Giant Centipede Large

centipede insect animal

Giant Centipede

centipede insect animal

Giant Scorpion

scorpion insect animal

Giant Spider

insect spider animal

Giant Wasp

wasp insect animal


equine horse animal


hyena canine animal


lion feline animal


lioness feline animal


mule animal

Octopus Large

octopus water animal

Octopus Small

octopus water animal


killer whale orca whale


panther feline animal

Praying Mantis

praying mantis insect animal


rhino animal

Sea Turtle

turtle water animal

Shark Great

fish shark animal

Shark Hammerhead

fish shark animal

Shark Reef

fish shark animal

Snake Cobra

snake reptile animal

Snake Python Large

snake reptile animal

Squid Large

squid water animal


squid water animal


tiger feline animal

Whale Sperm

sperm whale whale animal


canine wolf animal

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