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Cyber City: Lower Apartments A

Author: Aaron Hendricks

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $9.99

These godforsaken apartments hold all sorts of downtrodden citizens of Cyber City. From drug dealers, to cyber-junkies, to working stiffs to small families, you never know what's behind each door. Map of the ground floor with an elevator to upper levels, roof tiles, back alley, side alley, and fire escapes. Enough tiles to get you multiple uses.

Meant for GM's who need to have a battle map ready quick.

Combine with other CYBER CITY tile sets for more variety.

and more to come...........

16 Items Included in Cyber City: Lower Apartments A

AA_cybercity_lower_apartment_EXAMPLE copy

city example apartments

AA_cybercity_lower_apartment_EXAMPLE2 copy

city apartments exmpale


futuristic street cyberpunk


futuristic cyberpunk apartment


futuristic cyberpunk apartment


futuristic cyberpunk apartment


futuristic cyberpunk apartment


futuristic cyberpunk apartment


futuristic cyberpunk apartment


futuristic cyberpunk apartment


futuristic cyberpunk apartment


futuristic cyberpunk apartment


futuristic cyberpunk apartment


futuristic cyberpunk apartment


futuristic cyberpunk apartment


futuristic cyberpunk apartment

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