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Author: Tactical Master

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $4.99

If you need money, then you can take it from the usurer. You just need to promise to pay unfair interest and become his debtor. Or you can come at night and check the protection of his gold storage. Do not be tormented by the pangs of conscience, because the usurer deserves it. It is not for nothing that no one loves him in the city.

- 24 battlemap with grid
- 24 the same battlemap gridless
- 9 png roofs
- helpsheet (map with tips).

58 Items Included in Usurer

TM Usurer Day grid

map day grid

TM Usurer Moon grid

grey moon grid

TM Usurer Night grid

night dark grid

TM Usurer Rain grid

city grid gloomy

TM Usurer Sand Day grid

desert day grid

TM Usurer Sand Night grid

sand night grid

TM Usurer Snow Day grid

snow day grid

TM Usurer Snow Night grid

winter night grid

TM Usurer Day Open place grid

empty day grid

TM Usurer Moon Open place grid

werewolf battlemap grid

TM Usurer Night Open place grid

map darkness grid

TM Usurer Rain Open place grid

rain grid gloomy

TM Usurer Sand Day Open place grid

desert grid canal

TM Usurer Sand Night Open place grid

desert night grid

TM Usurer Snow Day Open place grid

winter cold grid

TM Usurer Snow Night Open place grid

frost dark grid

TM Usurer Day Rooftop grid

day rooftop grid

TM Usurer Moon Rooftop grid

moon roof grid

TM Usurer Night Rooftop grid

black grid darkest

TM Usurer Rain Rooftop grid

rain roof grid

TM Usurer Sand Day Rooftop grid

sand golden grid

TM Usurer Sand Night Rooftop grid

night roof grid

TM Usurer Snow Day Rooftop grid

snow roof grid

TM Usurer Snow Night Rooftop grid

cold rooftop grid

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