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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Bards College

Author: Norse Foundry

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $5.99

No one parties like a bard! Always entertaining the tavern goers, raising spirits with a song, perhaps some clever banter or just generally getting into trouble. 30 Tokens to help you sing the praises of the bard. Harps, guitars, drums, mandolins, bagpipes, flutes all expertly played by humans and other talented creatures.
Take your Roll20 Game to the next level. Professional art from the Norse Foundry art team. Any support from this will go towards making future tokens, maps and adventures and supporting our artists. We appreciate your support and don't forget to check out our dice, accessories and Patreon.

30 Items Included in Bards College

30 Tiefling Bard

bard mandolin tiefling

01 Harp

female backpack harp

02 Guitar

female blue guitar

03 Elf Bard

elf bard guitar

04 Guitar bard

female bard guitar

05 Actor

male actor midevil

06 Halfling

male flute halfling

07 Orc Bard

bard orc harp

08 Orc Drummer

orc green drummer

09 Goblin Guitar

goblin green guitar

10 Drow Female Bard

female bard drow

11 Dwarf Bard

dwarf bard mandolin

12 Dragonborn

cloak dragonborn banjo

13 Minotaur Bard

bard minotaur guitar

14 Human Bard

human bard guitar

15 Tambourine

female bard tambourine

16 Entertainer

female mandolin entertainer

17 Cat Person

cloak guitar catperson

18 Elven Harp

female elven harp

19 Drow Bard

bard drow harp

20 Male Orc

male orc bass

21 Orc Bagpipes

male orc bagpipes

22 Bard Rockstar

bard guitar rockstar

23 Jester Performer

jester violin performer

24 Dwarf Bard

dwarf bard bagpipes

25 Natural Bard

bard natural drums

26 Dwarf Drummer

dwarf snare drummer

27 Gnome Bard

gnome bard guitar

28 Halfling Bard

bard flute halfling

29 Dragon Born Horn

cloak dragonborn horn

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