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Galefire Characters, Isometric NPC Pack 2

Author: GalefireRPG

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $4.99

GalefireRPG Characters NPC pack 2 - "The Crew"

The GalefireRPG Characters NPC pack 2 contains 9 characters to use in your isometric/virtual tabletop.

Includes the crew of the Quicksilver from The Legendary Captain Slayde comic series! (and yes, I'm working on a 77 page book right now!) Use them to go on awesome Galefire adventures (RPG book coming soon) or just use them as NPCs for whatever game you're planning!


Slayde - The Legendary Captain

Doom - Slayer

Nara - Thief/Ninja

Mal - "Cleric"

Doctor Boom 'Doc' - Explosive Engineer

Sam - Sage

Alise - Cyber Pilot

Red - Golden Dragon Chef

Boom Bot "BB" - Salvaged War Construct

Cover demons are not included, but you can find them in the Isometric Fantasy Foes, Demon Pack

all ready to use in .png format

9 Items Included in Galefire Characters, Isometric NPC Pack 2


fighter orc npc


human fighter npc


elf cleric npc


thief halfling npc


dragon npc chef


human npc sage


human npc cyber


dwarf npc engineer


robot npc mech

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