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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Transport & Travel Asset Pack

Author: Tom Cartos

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $5.99
This Token Set is available in the following bundles

The Travel & Transport Asset Pack contains 356 unique assets to kit out your battlemaps or customise my ready-made unfurnished map variants.

Assets Include:
- Ships & Boats
- Barges & Rafts
- Wagons & Carts
- Crates & Goods
- Shipwreck Debris
- Sails & Anchors
- Cannon & Ballista
- Luggage & Suitcases
- Hammocks & Benches
- Construction Machinery
and much more!

For more props and assets for customising your battlemaps, check out my other Asset Packs

Want to use this art pack in your own published Roll20 module? The Creator of this Art Pack is open to discussing Commercial Licensing for an additional licensing fee. Please use the contact information found in their Creator Profile to inquire.

356 Items Included in Transport & Travel Asset Pack

TC_Airship Asset Pack_Spear Bundle 03

TC_Anchor Chain

anchor ship chain

TC_Anchor Leaning_1x1

anchor ship leaning


anchor ship flat

TC_Artillery Cannon_1x2

weapon artillery cannon

TC_Artillery Harpoon Launcher_1x2

weapon artillery harpoon

TC_Artillery Mortar_1x1

weapon artillery mortar

TC_Artillery Swivel Mount_1x1

artillery mount swivel


weapon artillery ballista

TC_Bamboo Barge Sail_5x2

ship bamboo barge

TC_Bamboo Barge_7x2

ship bamboo barge

TC_Bamboo Sail Barge_7x2

boat ship barge

TC_Barge Covered_7x2

boat ship barge

TC_Barge Loaded_7x2

boat ship barge


boat ship barge

TC_Barrow 01_2x1

wagon wheel barrow

TC_Barrow 02 Side_2x1

wagon wheel barrow

TC_Barrow 02_2x1

wagon wheel barrow

TC_Barrow 03 Flipped_1x1

wagon wheel barrow

TC_Barrow 03 Side_1x1

wagon wheel barrow

TC_Barrow 03_1x1

wagon wheel barrow

TC_Basket Boat_4x2

boat row basket

TC_Boat Hook

boat hook tool

TC_Bucket Gunpowder

gun powder bucket

TC_Buffer Stop Lightning_1x3

lightning stop buffer

TC_Buffer Stop_1x3

train stop buffer


bed cot bunk

TC_Cannon Equipment 01

equipment rod cannon

TC_Cannon Equipment 02

equipment rod cannon

TC_Cannonball 01

weapon cannon ball

TC_Cannonball 02

weapon cannon ball

TC_Cannonball 03

weapon cannon ball

TC_Cannonball Pile 01

pile cannon ball

TC_Cannonball Pile 02

pile cannon ball

TC_Cannonball Pile 03

pile cannon ball

TC_Cannonball Pile 04

pile cannon ball

TC_Capstan Poles_2x2

ship poles capstan


boat ship capstan

TC_Captains Shelf_1x2

ship shelf captains

TC_Captains Table_2x2

ship table captains

TC_Cargo Doors_3x3

doors ship cargo

TC_Cargo Hatch_3x3

ship cargo hatch

TC_Cargo Hold Hatch_3x3

ship cargo hatch

TC_Cargo Shelves 01_1x3

ship cargo shelves

TC_Cargo Shelves 02_1x3

ship cargo shelves

TC_Cart Covered Blue_2x1

covered cart cargo

TC_Cart Covered Green_2x1

covered cart cargo

TC_Cart Covered Red_2x1

covered cart cargo

TC_Cart Covered Yellow_2x1

covered cart cargo

TC_Cart Loaded 01_1x2

cart cargo loaded

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