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Jans Token Pack 33 - Desert Creatures 2

Author: Jan Loos

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $5.99
This Token Set is available in the following bundles

The desert can be a dangerous place. The heat and dehydration can bring anyone an untimely death, if they face the wastelands without any precautions. The creatures that live within the desert are usually incredibly resilient, or extremely predatory. But the desert can also be a place for amazing adventures.
Who knows what secrets lay beneath the sands?

Challenge your players with these creatures, including Kobolds, Fire and Air Elementals, Bandits and Guards, and strange beasts such as Flying Snakes and Giant Scorpions.

59 Items Included in Jans Token Pack 33 - Desert Creatures 2


red kobold sling


red dagger kobold


axe red kobold

Kobold With Wings

wings dagger kobold

Kobold With Wings

caster wings kobold

Kobold With Wings

rocks kobold kobold with wings

Kobold Carrier

staff kobold kobold carrier

Kobold Carrier

pink kobold kobold carrier

Kobold Trash Shaman

shaman trash kobold

Kobold Shield Warrior

spear kobold kobold shield warrior

Kobold Shield Warrior

yellow kobold kobold shield warrior

Kobold Miner

kobold kobold miner

Kobold Wizard Sorcerer

wizard sorcerer kobold

Kobold Wizard Sorcerer

wizard sorcerer kobold

Kobold Wizard Sorcerer

wizard sorcerer kobold

Guardian Drake Black

drake black guardian

Guardian Drake Blue

drake blue guardian

Guardian Drake Green

drake green guardian

Guardian Drake Red

drake red guard

Guardian Drake White

drake white guardian


giant bird vulture


giant bird vulture


giant bird vulture


gold dust mephit

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