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Elemental's People Pack 17

Author: Elemental Flame $4.99 USD

Find yourself lost in a mine? I'm a fan of delving deeper.

This is the seventeenth People Pack but it contains far more than people. You'll find animals and monsters included as well. The reason? I have gone through and created every unique character from the tutorial campaign based off the descriptions in the material. Even those characters only mentioned in passing have been created and presented for your use. This includes the townsfolk as well as the enemies, like the various named Bugbears and their wolf pets and monsters like the Nothic, the Grick, the Banshee, and the Wraith.

Hopefully this breathes some new life into the tutorial campaign for you and affords you an opportunity to play it again. Maybe you'll even convince a new generation of player to give the game a shot.

216 Items Included in Elemental's People Pack 17

Banshee 001

agatha lair undead

Bugbear Male 003

klarg hideout goblin

Bugbear Male 003 Wolf Pet

mangy ripper wolf

Bugbear Male 004

mosk eyepatch

Bugbear Male 005

grol bugbear old

Bugbear Male 005 Wolf Pet

snarl wolf king

Bugbear Male 006

grol elder bugbear

Doppelganger Male 010

shifter shapechanger minion

Doppelganger Male 011

shifter shapechanger minion

Dragon Green 001 3x3

fang venom young

Dwarf Female 029

grista bartender

Dwarf Male 056

gundren friend miner

Dwarf Male 057

gundren captured captive

Dwarf Male 058

released gundren free

Dwarf Male 059

nundro released free

Dwarf Male 060

nundro released free

Dwarf Male 061

tharden brother dwarf

Dwarf Male 062

tharden killed dead

Elf Female 097

harper luck sister

Elf Female 098

vyerlith dopperlganger drow

Elf Male 084

black drow spider

Elf Male 085

daran apple orchard

Flameskull 001

flames skull undead

Gnome Female 014

freda seamstress sew

Goblin Male 006

bullied droop hideout

Goblin Male 007

lhupo prohpet priest

Goblin Male 008

yeemik leader goblin

Goblin Male 009

yeemik leader goblin

Goblin Male 010

yegg chef goblin

Grick 001

stealthy goblin pet

Halfling Female 022

qelline mother farmer

Halfling Male Child 001

carp boy farmer

Hobgoblin Male 001

targor hobgoblin goblinoid

Hobgoblin Male 002

hobgoblin goblinoid

Hobgoblin Male 003

hobgoblin goblinoid

Hobgoblin Male 004

hobgoblin goblinoid

Human Female 216

elsa waitress barmaid

Human Female 217

halia exchange miner

Human Female 218

mirna mother free

Human Female 219

mirna widow captive

Human Female 220

linene trading post

Human Female 221

trilene bartender wife

Human Female Child 011

nilsa girl young

Human Female Child 012

nilsa imprisoned captured

Human Male 585

favric cultist dragon

Human Male 586

cult thunder dragon

Human Male 587

cult tree dragon

Human Male 588

cult cultist dragon

Human Male 589

cult worship dragon

Human Male 590

cult tree dragon

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