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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Haunted Mansions Map Pack

Author: Meditating Munky

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $5.99
This Token Set is available in the following bundles

Haunted Mansion | 3 Story & Basement & Rooftop

Party at the Old Gilmore Mansion & everyone's gonna be there? Got a Ballroom Blitz and you need a new map to serve the grits? Maybe the Death House needs a maid and your adventuring group just started a new cleaning business. I mean, that kitchen really needs to get up to code, I tell ya. Anyways, these Haunted Mansions bring you not one, but two 3-story mansions plus a creepy basement packed full of guts, gore, and this green porridge-like substance just waiting for your players to explore... or clean up! We also included a Rooftop layer in case your bard tries to raise the roof.

Haunted Bullet Points for you to read with a cup of tea and your pinky out

Stop following people down a creaky hallway and come follow me on Twitter @MeditatingMunky and Patreon!!!

This is the Downloadable Map Pack Version of this set. If you would like to get the Add-On Version with the Dynamic Lighting all set up ready to go with Light Sources tokens, you can find the Dynamic Dungeon Version Here. If you would like both the Dynamic Dungeon Add-On version and the Downloadable Map Pack Version, you can grab the Bundle Version Here.

Want to use this art pack in your own published Roll20 module? The Creator of this Art Pack is open to discussing Commercial Licensing for an additional licensing fee. Please use the contact information found in their Creator Profile to inquire.

10 Items Included in Haunted Mansions Map Pack

DD85 - Haunted Mansion 01 - 1B Basement - 45x30

mansion basement duneon

DD85 - Haunted Mansion 01 - 1st Floor - 45x30

mansion house desth

DD85 - Haunted Mansion 01 - 2nd Floor - 45x30

mansion house haunted

DD85 - Haunted Mansion 01 - 3rd Floor - 45x30

mansion death haunted

DD85 - Haunted Mansion 01 - Rooftop - 45x30

mansion rooftop plaza

DD89 - Haunted Mansion 02 - 1B Basement - 45x30

dungeon mansion basement

DD89 - Haunted Mansion 02 - 1st Floor - 45x30

graveyard mansion haunted

DD89 - Haunted Mansion 02 - 2nd Floor - 45x30

mansion town haunted

DD89 - Haunted Mansion 02 - 3rd Floor - 45x30

mansion house haunted

DD89 - Haunted Mansion 02 - Rooftop - 45x30

mansion rooftop estate

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