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Blue Halo Basic Monster's Fantasy

Author: Ben Johnson $4.99

A general pack of swords and sorcery Monster's. These tokens feature a cartoon action style and a blue halo to represent a base. Some will need to be stretched vertically to view at full stature.
The bugbear token has two versions. One that requires precise stretching, and one that just needs to be stretched to four 'squares', but takes up a great deal extra space.
25 original tokens. 4 palette swap. 1 alternate state.

30 Items Included in Blue Halo Basic Monster's Fantasy


gaze bailisk reptile beast lizard magic monster stone fantasy token

Bugbear Precise Resize

gobliniod bugbear goblin shield mace fantasy token

Bugbear Simple Resize

goliniod bugbear goblin shield mace fantasy token

Earth Elemental Beast

bug beetle elemental earth dirt stone fantasy token

Fire Elemental beast

lion elemental flame fire fantasy token


wings gargoyle statue monster stone fantasy token


ghoul undead monster zombie fantasy token


heyena humaniod gnoll shield axe fantasy token

Goblin Red

gobliniod goblin red fantasy token

Goblin blue

golin goliniod blue fantasy token


gobliniod hobgoblin shield sword fantasy token

Kobold Brown

kobold brown spear fantasy token

Kobold Red

kobold red spear fantasy token


greek labyrinth maze minotaur monster axe fantasy token


mummy pyramid undead monster desert fantasy token


ogre club monster giant fantasy token

Ooz grey

ooz slime grey monster fantasy token

Ooz yellow

ooz slime yellow monster fantasy token

Orc Dark

humaniod falchion orc cloak sword fantasy token

Orc Red

humaniod falchion orc cloak red sword fantasy token


skull skeleton bones undead monster fantasy token


troll monster giant fantasy token

Vampire female

vampire woman undead monster female fantasy token

Vampire male

vampire man undead monster male fantasy token

Water Elemental Beast

dolphin fish aquatic elemental water fantasy token

Were Rat

were wererat lycanthrope rat cloak knife monster fantasy token


were lycanthrope wolf monster werewolf fantasy token

Wind Elemental Beast

wind bird sky air elemental fantasy token


wraith spectre shade undead monster fantasy token


rotting undead monster zombie fantasy token

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