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Apocalypse Starter Kit

Author: Grae Hunter $4.99 USD

Civilization as we know it has come to an end. Maybe some Zombie virus outbreak of bad voodoo did it, or it’s the radiation from a Nuclear Fallout from the last Great War, or perhaps God just checked his watch and saw it was 5 past the Reckoning and he kicked off the End Days right on Easter.

Whatever the reason, this pack has you covered, and will help set the scene with some beautifully hand drawn and digitally colour Tokens. They are done in the comic book style of Graemation, and like all Graemation Token packs, they include a few map tiles to help set the scene.

27 Survivor Tokens (PNG Transparent Backgrounds)
25 Zombie Tokens (PNG Transparent Backgrounds)
6 Mutant Tokens 2x2 (PNG Transparent Backgrounds)
6 8x8 Road Maps (JPG being 40’x40’ in game)

64 Items Included in Apocalypse Starter Kit

Mutant 01

machinegun wasteland orc

Mutant 02

wasteland rifle shotgun

Mutant 03

rocket launcher rpg wasteland

Mutant 04

wasteland pistol knife

Mutant 05

maul mallet orc

Mutant 06

wasteland orc knife

Road 01

wreck street map

Road 02

wreck intersection map

Road 03

intersection street map

Road 04

street map

Road 05

wreck street map

Road 06

street corner map

Survivor 01

riot cop police

Survivor 02

prisoner escape criminal

Survivor 03

janitor wastland

Survivor 04

wastland axe

Survivor 05

wastland axe

Survivor 06

rifle shotgun knife

Survivor 07

wastland baseball bat

Survivor 08

wastland pistol

Survivor 09

wastland pistol axe

Survivor 10

wastland pistol

Survivor 11

wastland pick shield

Survivor 12

sawnoff wastland shotgun

Survivor 13

wastland pistol

Survivor 14

powersuit wastland armor

Survivor 15

katana pistol sword

Survivor 16

wastland torch crossbow

Survivor 17

wastland machinegun smg

Survivor 18

ak47 machinegun rifle

Survivor 19

wastland naked pistol

Survivor 20

skateboard hipster hammer

Survivor 21

machinegun radiation rifle

Survivor 22

wastland pistol

Survivor 23

machete gang pistol

Survivor 24

machete gang pistol

Survivor 25

machete gang pistol

Survivor 26

machete gang pistol

Survivor 27

machete gang pistol

Zombie 01

ghoul vampire undead

Zombie 02

ghoul vampire undead

Zombie 03

ghoul vampire undead

Zombie 04

ghoul vampire undead

Zombie 05

ghoul vampire undead

Zombie 06

ghoul vampire undead

Zombie 07

ghoul vampire undead

Zombie 08

ghoul vampire undead

Zombie 09

construction vampire undead

Zombie 10

vampire undead soldier

Zombie 11

vampire undead dwarf

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