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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Essential Monsters

Author: Grae Hunter

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $4.99

Maybe you saw them in a Sinbad movie, or you read about them while deciphering an ancient Greek poem from one of you Granddad’s old scrolls. Well now you can reign havoc down on your players with 68 Terrifying and Essential Monsters.

Done in the comic book styling of Graemation, these little beauties come, like all Graemation Token packs with some map elements as well, so you can throw down some action right from the get go.


65 Monster Tokens (PNG Transparent Backgrounds)

7 Heroes turned to Stone (PNG Transparent Backgrounds)

3 20x20 connecting Maps (JPG being 100’x100’ in game)

1 20x60 Map of the combined Map (JPG being 100’x300’ in game)

As well as some Size-Guide JPGs to ensure you get to utilize the Monsters as they were intended to be.

78 Items Included in Essential Monsters


monster centaur monstrosity

Chimera Black

monster chimera monstrosity

Chimera Blue

monster chimera monstrosity

Chimera Green

monster chimera monstrosity

Chimera Red

monster chimera monstrosity

Chimera White

monster chimera monstrosity

Clay Golem

clay golem contruct


horror monster aberration

Cyclops 01

giant monster cyclops

Cyclops 02

giant monster cyclops


doppelganger monstrosity shapechanger

Dragon Red

fire monster dragon


drider subterranean monstrosity


monster fey dryad

Eyeball Horror

fantasy horror monster

Fire Giant

fire giant monster

Flesh Golem

monster construct golem

Frost Giant

giant monster frost

Gargoyle Awake

monster gargoyle elemental

Gargoyle Sleep

monster gargoyle elemental

Gelatinous Cube

monster ooze gelantinous


elemental genie djinni


gnoll hyena monstrosity

Goblin 01

monster goblin goblinoid

Goblin 02

monster goblinoid golblin


construct monstrosity gorgon


subterranean grick monstrosity


monster subterranean grimlock

Hag 01

fey witch hag

Hag 02

fey witch hag


monster harpy monstrosity

Hell Hound

monster fiend hound

Hill Giant

giant monster


monster monstrosity hippogriff


humanoid goblinoid hobgoblin

Hulking Insect

fantasy monster monstrosity


monster devil imp

Iron Golem

iron construct golem


humanoid goblinoid kobold


monster lizardman lizardfolk


monster medusa monstrosity


humanoid merfolk mermaid


monster minotaur monstrosity


monster fey nymph


giant monster ogre

Ooze 01 Active

monster ooze

Ooze 01 Still

monster ooze

Ooze 02 Active

monster ooze

Ooze 02 Still

monster ooze

Ooze 03 Active

monster ooze

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