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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Animals Volume 2

Author: Norse Foundry

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $5.99

Not just your typical animals. Quippers, a couple of leshy guys, worgs, flying monkeys (we are not in Kansas anymore) and a cute koala. You never know what kind of animal you may encounter while adventuring. 50 animal tokens to make things a bit more interesting while you are out there. The occasional mammoth, snakes, spiders, dogs, a few swarms, Saber Tooth Tigers, and more. Take your Roll20 Game to the next level. Professional art from the Norse Foundry art team, any support from this will go towards making future tokens, maps and adventures and supporting our artists. We appreciate your support and don't forget to check out our dice, accessories and patreon.

50 Items Included in Animals Volume 2

22 Octopus

red animals octopus

23 Otter

crawl animals otter

24 Penguin

walking animals penguin

25 Phase_spider

spider animals phase_spider

26 Pigeon

flying animals pigeon

27 Pseudo_dragon

dragon animals pseudo_dragon

28 Quipper

animals quipper phirana

29 Reef_shark

shark animals reef_shark

30 Saber_tooth_tiger

animals tiger saber_tooth_tiger

31 Sea_horse

animals seahorse sea_horse

32 Sea_lion

animals sealion sea_lion

33 Sea_turtle

animals sea_turtle seaturtle

34 Shark

shark teeth animals

35 Skunk

animals smell skunk

36 Sloth

animals sloth two toe

37 Snapping_turtle

animals snapping_turtle snappingturtle

38 Squid

red squid animals

39 Squirrel

claws animals squirrel

40 Swarm_of_bats

animals bats swarm_of_bats

41 Swarm_of_insects

animals insects swarm_of_insects

42 Swarm_of_quippers

animals quippers swarm_of_quippers

43 Swarm_of_rats

rats animals swarm_of_rats

44 Swarm_of_ravens

ravens animals swarm_of_ravens

45 Swarm_of_snakes

animals snakes swarm_of_snakes

46 Tressym

wings animals tressym

47 Vulture

flying animals vulture

48 Wasp

sting animals wasp

49 Whale

animals whale diving

50 Winter_Wolf

white animals winter_wolf

1 Worg

worg animals hunting

2 Albatros

flying animals albatros

3 Blink_dog

animals hunting blink_dog

4 Butterfly

animals butterfly iridescnt

5 Cheetah

animals spots cheetah

6 Crab

red crab animals

7 Crocodile

teeth animals crocodile

8 Dolphin

animals dolphin swimming

9 Eel

animals eel electric

10 Flying_monkey

animals monkey flying_monkey

11 Frog

green frog animals

12 Gorilla

gorilla animals all fours

13 Hedgehog

spikes animals hedgehog

14 Kangaroo

animals kangaroo hop

15 Koala

sitting animals koala

16 Leshy

ent animals leshy

17 Leshy-lotus

mushroom animals leshy-lotus

18 Mammoth

animals mammoth tusks

19 Manta_ray

animals manta_ray sting ray

20 Mastiff

dog animals mastiff

21 Mushroom

mushroom walking animals

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