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Sceneficant Maps: Ranger's Folio

Author: Richard Tran $8.49

Designed for the intrepid explorer, these eight 25x25 encounter maps span a number of terrain types for unexpected encounters in exotic locales.

8 Items Included in Sceneficant Maps: Ranger's Folio


wolves steppes sceneficant glacier combat exploration trail cold encounter wolf mountain tundra winter frost snow ice path river bridge terrain fantasy map


landmark sceneficant combat exploration caravan encounter campsite ruins roads camp terrain fantasy map


fantasy map


dunes badlands digsite sceneficant mines dig exploration archeology bushes encounter ruins wasteland outdoors sand entrance caves desert fantasy map


sceneficant faerie ring exploration hut bushes encounter fairy stream forest circle trees witch river fantasy map


grotto sceneficant mines underdark combat exploration underwater encounter mystical underground cave pond water pool terrain fantasy map


disaster sceneficant exploration encounter burning steam magma forest water river bridge lava terrain fire fantasy map


stagnant sceneficant lily combat exploration spooky encounter dark bog outdoors dirt trees marsh swamp terrain fantasy map

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