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Elemental's Creature Collection 10

Author: Elemental Flame $4.99 USD

The tenth set in the Creature Collection line brings many celestial figures to life. Don't worry, there's plenty of mundane creatures for these angels to combat.

Sizing. These tokens are appropriately sized for Roll20 with each gaming square representing a 5ft. sq. area and are constructed to fit to the grid so resizing does not distort the token. Unless stated otherwise in the token name, the default size is 1x1.

Recurring Characters. Is there a creature here you'd like to see more of? Perhaps other poses or other color variations? Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter and I can try to incorporate them into a future set.

93 Items Included in Elemental's Creature Collection 10

Angel Deathpact Female 001 2x2

pact celestial evil

Angel Deathpact Female 002 2x1

pact celestial evil

Angel Deathpact Female 003 2x1

pact celestial evil

Angel Deva Male 002

angelic celestial angel

Angel Deva Male 003

messenger good angel

Angel Deva Male 004

deity angelic celestial

Angel Eye of the Gods 001

messenger celestial angel

Angel Ophanim 001 2x2

deity celestial god

Angel Sammael Male 001 2x2

destructor angel god

Angel Sammael Male 002 2x2

destructor angel god

Angel Sammael Male 003 2x2

executioner celestial angel

Angel Sammael Male 004 2x1

punisher angel god

Animated Broom 001

candlekeep fantasia mystery

Chamrosh 001

celestial dog flying

Chamrosh 002

celestial dog flying

Couatl 001

snake celestial flying

Demon Lord - Graz'zt 001 2x2

prince demonic darkness

Dire Wolf 001 2x2

canine dire wolf

Dire Wolf 002 2x2

canine dire wolf

Genie Djinni Female 001

wish djinn air

Genie Djinni Female 002

imprisoned captured restrained

Golem Stone Myrmidon 001

elemental stone rock

Griffon 004 2x2

griffyn gryphon griffin

Griffon 005 2x2

griffyn gryphon griffin

Griffon 006 2x2

griffyn gryphon griffin

Iggwilv 001

tasha cauldron witch

Iggwilv 002

tasha cauldron witch

Lycanthrope - Werepanther Female 002

vistani fortuneteller panther

Lycanthrope - Werewolf Female 001

girl wolf werewolf

Nightmare 004 1x2

equine fiend horse

Phoenix 002 4x4

firebird phoenix fire

Slaad Blue 001 2x2

slaad toad frog

Slaad Blue 002 2x2

slaad toad frog

Slaad Death 001

slaad toad frog

Slaad Death 001

shackled slaad toad

Slaad Death 002

slaad disguised hidden

Slaad Death 003

slaad disguised hidden

Slaad Red 001 2x2

toad fiend frog

Spirit Bear 001

bear summoned spirit

Spirit Boar 001

boar summoned spirit

Spirit Panther 001

panther summoned spirit

Spirit Wolf 001

summoned spirit wolf

Swarm - Murder of Crows 002

ravens crows swarm

Swarm - Spiders 001

arachnids spiders swarm

Swarm - Spiders 002

arachnids spiders swarm

Tressym 001

tressym cat flying

Tressym 002

tressym cat flying

Tressym 003

tressym cat flying

Tressym 004

tressym cat flying

Troll Male 003 2x2

regenerate violent troll

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