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Author: Tactical Master $4.99 USD

Map of the city sewage system. Moderately flooded, moderately destroyed. It has additional moves for those who can go through the steel bars or those who can destroy the rusty and silt-covered grate. There is a place for collecting all kinds of rabble and a room in which a particularly dangerous criminal is hiding.

- 10 battlemap with grid
- 10 the same battlemap gridless
- 8 png
- helpsheet (map with tips).

28 Items Included in Sewage

TM Sewage grid

original grid map

TM Sewage trap grid

activate grid trap

TM Sewage clear grid

clear grid sewage

TM Sewage blood grid

grid red blood

TM Sewage dark grid

grid battlemap dark

TM Sewage dream grid

dream grid illusion

TM Sewage gloomy grid

grid fog horror

TM Sewage magic grid

grid blue magic

TM Sewage spiders grid

grid grey spider

TM Sewage toxic grid

grid poison green

TM Sewage gridless

original gridless map

TM Sewage trap gridless

activate gridless trap

TM Sewage clear gridless

clear gridless sewage

TM Sewage blood gridless

gridless red blood

TM Sewage dark gridless

gridless battlemap dark

TM Sewage dream gridless

dream gridless illusion

TM Sewage gloomy gridless

gridless fog

TM Sewage magic gridless

gridless blue magic

TM Sewage spiders gridless

gridless grey spider

TM Sewage toxic gridless

gridless poison green


png trap

Sticky pouch 1


Sticky pouch activated 1


Sticky pouch activated 2


Strange flesh 1


Strange flesh 2


Сircular saw

png trap

TM Sewage helpsheet

tips help guide

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