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Game Glam: Portrait Frames

Author: Gabriel Pickard $4.99 USD

50 Round portrait frames plus a handful of generic frames, all sized at 420px to a side to allow for clean resizing. Great for fancy character portraits. Ideally you're able to cut and paste your favorite circular pictures in your favorite art program in order to use these frames. Set includes frames suitable for both player and non-player characters.

55 Items Included in Game Glam: Portrait Frames

Alchemist Frame

pharmachist herbalist alchemist

Bar Patron Frame

drunkard halfing bar

Bar Service Frame

folk inn bar

Bard Frame

entertainer musician bard

Beggar Frame

beggar panhandler bum

Cook Frame

chef cook inn

Earth Frame

crystal miner gnome

Evil Magic User 2 Frame

necromancer sorcerer wizard

Evil Magic User Frame

necromancer undead wizard

Exicutioner Frame

exicutioner headsman hangman

Farmer Frame

folk npc farmer

Gaurd Frame

watchman gaurd soldier

Generic 2 Frame

buckle frame round

Generic 3 Frame

buckle frame black

Generic 4 Frame

frame blade iron

Generic 5 Frame

frame leather black

Generic Frame

simple frame wood

Gunslinger Frame

blackpowder flintlock gunner

Horror Frame

mutant abomination nightmare

Hunter 2 Frame

primative tribal hunter

Hunter Frame

trapper hunter ranger

Jailer Frame

jailer prisoner guard

Magic User 2 Frame

storm sorcerer wizard

Magic User 3 Frame

priest wizard fire

Magic User 4 Frame

water cleric wizard

Magic User Frame

celestial sorcerer wizard

Merchant Frame

banker trader merchant

Miner Frame

worker laborer miner

Monk Frame

martial monk priest

Old Man at the Inn Frame

patron elder inn

Priest Frame

gold cleric priest

Rat Frame

skaven wererat vermin

Royal Frame

royal king noble

Sailor Frame

seaman sailor pirate

Servant Frame

maid servant staff

Smith Frame

forge smith dwarf

Spider Frame

drow spider priest

Taylor Frame

seamstress tailor servant

Thief 2 Frame

burglar theif rogue

Thief Frame

assasain theif rogue

Undead Frame

lich skeleton undead

Vampire Frame

vampire undead noble

War Priest 2 Frame

cleric priest dwarf

War Priest Frame

war cleric priest

Warrior 2 Frame

barbarian fighter warrior

Warrior 3 Frame

fighter knight soldier

Warrior 4 Frame

orc fighter warrior

Warrior 5 Frame

horseman solider cavalier

Warrior 6 Frame

tribal spear warrior

Warrior Frame

mercanary fighter soldier

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