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Animated Map - Crystal Caverns

Author: Matt.M Animations

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $5.49

Add a new level of excitement and wonder to your encounters using this animated battle map.

This enchanting map includes torches that emit flickering light and magical gemstones that radiate energy. How your adventurers end up here and what they encounter in this cavern is entirely up to you, but it’s bound to be memorable.

View a working preview of this map here -

This map is created by overlaying the animated elements on top of the background image.
To do this you need to ensure that all elements are scaled to the correct size (which is included in the filenames), set them to “Is Drawing” and then simply place them in their correct location.

Included is a layout guide to assist if you’re not sure where something belongs.

Please feel free to check out my store for more animated content.

I hope you enjoy!

i One or more items in this set are licensed only for use in Roll20 and cannot be downloaded for use in other software.

13 Items Included in Animated Map - Crystal Caverns

Crystal Cavern Background - 1610w x 2380h

lair cavern cave

Flickering Light 01 - 1400w x 800h

torch light flickering

Flickering Light 02 - 1200w x 800h

torch light flickering

Flickering Light 03 - 1000w x 1000h

torch light flickering

Crystal Glow 01 - 500w x 500h

glow, magic, radiation

Crystal Glow 02 - 350w x 1250h

magic glow radiation

Crystal Glow 03 - 300w x 300h

magic glow radiation

Bridge - 500w x 900h

rope bridge

Torch 01 - 250w x 250h

fire torch flame

Torch 02 - 250w x 250h

fire torch flame

Torch 03 - 250w x 250h

fire torch flame

Layout 01

layout instructions outline

Layout 02

layout instructions guideline

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