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Author: Tactical Master

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $4.99

Having met the river on the way, travelers will not miss the opportunity to rest and fill their skins. However, the river is a good place to impose an unequal battle. Crossing the river is not a good option. It is easy to hit the swimmer with an arrow. And to climb into the water with armor is suicide. Well, they have to fight.

- 15 battlemap with grid
- 15 the same battlemap gridless
- 13 png trap and plants
- 13 same png night
- helpsheet (map with tips).

57 Items Included in River

TM River grid

day summer grid

TM River rain grid

rain fog grid

TM River night grid

night dark grid

TM River blood grid

blood red grid

TM River fall grid

fall golden grid

TM River magic grid

blue magical grid

TM River toxic grid

toxic poison grid

TM River altar grid

altar ritual grid

TM River altar night grid

altar night grid

TM River camp grid

rest grid camping

TM River camp night grid

camp night grid

TM River dream grid

illusion grid dream

TM River dream night grid

night fog grid

TM River dry grid

day dry grid

TM River dry night grid

dry dark grid

TM River gridless

day summer no grid

TM River rain gridless

rain fog no grid

TM River night gridless

night dark no grid

TM River blood gridless

blood red no grid

TM River fall gridless

fall golden no grid

TM River magic gridless

blue magical no grid

TM River toxic gridless

toxic poison no grid

TM River altar gridless

altar ritual no grid

TM River altar night gridless

altar dark no grid

TM River camp gridless

rest camping no grid

TM River camp night gridless

camp night no grid

TM River dream gridless

illusion dream no grid

TM River dream night gridless

night fog no grid

TM River dry gridless

day dry no grid

TM River dry night gridless

dry dark no grid

Bear trap


Carnivorous plant 1


Carnivorous plant 2


Carnivorous plant 3


Mushroom 1


Mushroom 2


Mushroom 3


Roots 1


Roots 2


Roots 3


Roots 4


Roots 5




Bear trap night

dark png

Carnivorous plant 1 night

dark png

Carnivorous plant 2 night

dark png

Carnivorous plant 3 night

dark png

Mushroom 1 night

dark png

Mushroom 2 night

dark png

Mushroom 3 night

dark png

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