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Elemental's People Pack 13

Author: Elemental Flame $4.99 USD

The thirteenth People Pack features an assortment of characters, both male and female, in various races. My players recently encountered a Jinmenju Tree so many of the characters have laughing versions as well. It may not suit your campaign but I figured there was no harm in including them.

The set includes a smattering of characters from the following races:

• Centaur
• Changeling
• Dwarf
• Elves
• Gnomes
• Half Orcs
• Halflings
• Humans
• Minotaurs
• Warforged

Sizing. These tokens are appropriately sized for Roll20 with each gaming square representing a 5ft. area. Most tokens are designed to fit in a 1x1 square on your Virtual Table Top.

Note: My tokens are created much larger to allow you to resize them up to 8x their normal size before the quality drops off!

183 Items Included in Elemental's People Pack 13

Centaur Male 007

arrmored horse knight

Changeling Male 004

doppleganger shifter shapeshifter

Dwarf Male 076

training squire dwarf

Elf Female 086

worldly swashbuckler elf

Elf Male 075

elvish elven elf

Elf Male 076

relaxing laying down

Elf Male 077

trance rest elf

Elf Male 078

archer elf bow

Gnome Male 024

svirfneblin deep gnome

Gnome Male 025

comic peasant gnome

Gnome Male 025

apparition spirit ghost

Gnome Male 026

comedien laughter jester

Half Orc Female 010

piratess captain pirate

Half Orc Male 018

pick orc war

Half Orc Male 019

scars magic axe

Half Orc Male 020

unmasked primal shirtless

Half Orc Male 020

primal shirtless masked

Halfling Female 019

hairy hobbit halfling

Halfling Male 023

mine miner underground

Halfling Male 024

swordsman brute pirate

Human Female 162

lady human nature

Human Female 163

laying rest female

Human Female 164

fur pick miner

Human Female 165

chatting laying resting

Human Female 166

lady girl woman

Human Female 167

laying talking woman

Human Female 168

cleaner maid broom

Human Female 169

dig pick miner

Human Female 170

protect afraid dagger

Human Female 171

piratess pistol pirate

Human Female 172

mannered lady noble

Human Male 465

knowledge learned scholar

Human Male 466

changed mullet shapeshifter

Human Male 467

worker mine miner

Human Male 468

working class mine

Human Male 469

working older man

Human Male 470

pickax pickaxe pick

Human Male 471

kicking back laughing

Human Male 472

miner man elderly

Human Male 473

wealthy aristocrat noble

Human Male 474

curls young noble

Human Male 475

muscle thug brute

Human Male 476

scoundrel rogue pirate

Human Male 477

sailor sea pirate

Human Male 478

relax resting sitting

Human Male 479

coat thug pirate

Human Male 480

laying rest side

Human Male 481

emaciated starving hungry

Human Male 482

impoverished begging beggar

Human Male 483

gentleman pale man

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