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Vile Tiles: Statuary 1

Author: Gabriel Pickard $4.99 USD

Statuary in various conditions, orientations, and two different materials (stone and gold/bronze). A dungeon isn't a dungeon without a crumbling statue. You know it, I know it, the NPCs know it.

473 Items Included in Vile Tiles: Statuary 1

Bovine Plaque 1 Gold

taurus bust gold

Bovine Plaque 1 Stone

bust bull gold

Bovine Plaque 2 Gold

statue gold cow

Bovine Plaque 2 Stone

taurus statue rock

Bovine Plaque 3 Gold

statue gold cow

Bovine Plaque 3 Stone

carving bull rock

Bovine Statue 1 Gold

effigy broken gold

Bovine Statue 1 Stone

broken cow rock

Bovine Statue 10 Gold

idol broken gold

Bovine Statue 10 Stone

sculpture broken rock

Bovine Statue 11 Gold

taurus art gold

Bovine Statue 11 Stone

carving cow rock

Bovine Statue 12 Gold

broken gold cow

Bovine Statue 12 Stone

graven image broken

Bovine Statue 2 Gold

sculpture bull bronze

Bovine Statue 2 Stone

idol cow rock

Bovine Statue 3 Gold

sculpture icon brass

Bovine Statue 3 Stone

sculpture bull rock

Bovine Statue 4 Gold

taurus bull gold

Bovine Statue 4 Stone

art cow stone

Bovine Statue 5 Gold

statue gold cow

Bovine Statue 5 Stone

taurus sculpture stone

Bovine Statue 6 Gold

bust gold cow

Bovine Statue 6 Stone

bust cow stone

Bovine Statue 7 Gold

sculpture shattered gold

Bovine Statue 7 Stone

shattered bull rock

Bovine Statue 8 Gold

bull bronze brass

Bovine Statue 8 Stone

sculpture bull stone

Bovine Statue 9 Gold

taurus bust art

Bovine Statue 9 Stone

head bull rock

Dais 1 Gold

disc plaque plate

Dais 1 Stone

disc plate platform

Dais 10 Gold

disc plaque plate

Dais 10 Stone

disc plate platform

Dais 11 Gold

disc plate cracked

Dais 11 Stone

disc plate cracked

Dais 12 Gold

disc plate broken

Dais 12 Stone

plate platform broken

Dais 13 Gold

disc plate broken

Dais 13 Stone

disc plaque plate

Dais 14 Gold

plaque plate cracked

Dais 14 Stone

plaque plate marble

Dais 15 Gold

plaque plate cracked

Dais 15 Stone

plaque plate broken

Dais 16 Gold

base platform plinth

Dais 16 Stone

stand platform pedestal

Dais 17 Gold

disc plate platform

Dais 17 Stone

disc plate platform

Dais 18 Gold

stand platform gold

Dais 18 Stone

stand platform pedestal

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