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Boss Monster Token Set 3

Author: David North $4.99

Boss Monster Token Set 3 brings you 20 big powerful monster tokens to give an epic feel to your RPG campaign.

20 Items Included in Boss Monster Token Set 3

Air Elemental

air elemental monster


monstrosity behir monster

Blue Dragon

blue dragon monster


monstrosity chimera monster

Cloud Giant

cloud giant boss


cyclops giant boss

Death Tyrant

tyrant death undead

Earth Elemental

elemental earth monster


empyrean celestial boss


monstrosity gynosphinx monster

Fire Elemental

elemental monster fire

Frost Giant

frost giant boss

Green Dragon

green dragon boss

Hill Giant

hill giant boss


monstrosity androsphinx monster


observer aberration monster

Ochre Jelly

ochre jelly ooze


ogre giant boss


otyugh aberration monster

Water Elemental

elemental water monster

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