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Roll20 Marketplace Product

The Grand City Token Set 2

Author: David North $4.99 USD

The Grand City Token Set 2 brings 20 creature tokens of the fantastical people and dangers that live on the streets and in the dark underbelly that houses treasures of legendary status.

20 Items Included in The Grand City Token Set 2


arcturia lich undead

Jalester Silvermane

silvermane jalester champion

Jarlaxle Baenre

baenre jarlaxle swashbuckler

Lava Child

child humanoid lava

Living Unseen Servant

unseen living servant

Meloon Wardragon

wardragon meloon champion


mirt humanoid noble

Narl Xibrindas

xibrindas narl mage

Noska Urgray

urgray noska thug

Ott Steeltoes

steeltoes ott cultist

Remallia Haventree

haventree remallia noble

Renaer Neverember

neverember renaer swashbuckler

Saeth Cromley

cromley saeth guard


scaladar scorpion construct

Throvin Twinbeard

twinbeard throvin dwarf

Urstul Floxin

floxin urstul assassin

Victoro Cassalanter

victoro cassalanter noble

Volothamp Geddarm

geddarm volothamp commoner

Walking Statue of the City

walking construct statue

Yalah Gralhund

gralhund yalah noble

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