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Brass Badger Workshop

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Art and Alchemy for Digital Storytellers

A long time RPG player, GM and Storyteller, I made my first marketplace sets from art I use in my own weekly games. I create colorful, painterly maps, tokens and story aids to help bring the tales we tell around the Virtual Tabletop to life. My groups and I play on every map I build, and they're made to use, modify, rebuild and reuse specifically for the Roll20 platform. They are designed to make it easy for you to use all the neat tools like dynamic lighting, card decks, and GM info overlays.

All of my map and sprite sets are fully compatible with one another, unless otherwise noted, so you can connect every dungeon set into a massive sprawling complex, then use the caves and entrances set to connect it to a wild and natural world or even a modern city.

All of my sets are download enabled for private use, and you're hereby duly authorized to stream any games that used sets you've purchased. In fact, if you do, let me know, and I'll happily boost your stream!

I am sometimes open for commissions, and offer a Roll20 user discount. Feel free to PM me or email brassbadgerworkshop(at)gmail(dot)com. Follow me on Twitter for the occasional sneak peeks, polls on what packs I should create next, corgi pictures, and if we're honest, lots of yelling about hockey.