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Troll Lords Games, a subsidiary of Chenault & Gray Publishing, , L.L.C., has been publishing Role Playing Games since 1999. They launched their company with their own RPG, but quickly converted to the 3rd edition of the Dungeons & Dragons d20 system releasing such titles as Heart of Glass, Bergholt, and the Codex of Erde. In 2001 they signed and became the primary publisher for Gary Gygax, publishing a small mountain of works that included Gary Gygax’s World Builder, Hall of Many Panes, The Hermit, and other similar titles.

In 2004 they released their ground breaking game, Castles & Crusades, driven by the Siege Engine, this fantasy table top role-playing game utilized a very simple attribute check system to resolve almost all conflict. The game utilized the OGL and found a ready place on many D&D tables, replacing that venerable game. C&C remains their flagship product and has recently seen the release of the 8th printing of the Players Handbook. Accompanying that book are a host of supplements, adventures, and expansions. Despite all of this, the game remains the same, with no significant changes from its original release in ’04.

TLG publishes a small host of other RPGs, including Amazing Adventures, Victorious, and Harvesters. Their long-standing world setting The World of Aihrde is supported by both RPG books and its own line of fantasy fiction.

Stephen Chenault is both a primary author and CEO of Troll Lord Games and works with others: Davis Chenault, Jason Vey, Charles Cumbow, Brian Young and other writers/designers continue to release new content each month. Troll Lord Games hired Mark Sandy to run the print shop, a task Todd Gray currently manages. Tim Burns was brought on as Communications Director in 2013. Peter Bradley serves as the company Art Director, working with such artists as Jason Walton and Zoe DeVos.