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Russ Hapke

The Gaming Geeks (a.k.a. Russ Hapke & Dan Wolters) enjoy creating mapping sets, mapping assets and extra tasty tidbits to enhance gaming experiences. As you can see from our sets, we really enjoy branching out into various directions.

We have two primary map building set styles: Old World Style and Epic World Style. With these you can create a multitude of worlds at world view and regional view levels.

Our Scene Additions series, contain some sets with multiple variations of 20 x 20 maps that connect into one very large map. Also contained in the sets are a multitude of mapping assets you can use to customize to these or other maps! And if you need some extra flair with the plants, try the Druidic Realms!

We do have two Add-Ons: Random Chapters 1&2 - both of which are tied into one main world map for you to either play as several one offs or combine both sets into one larger campaign.

Within our ranks lie numerous GM tools to add to the experience: Inventory sets, map pin sets, Lineage tree designers, Framing set and Ancient Scribe sets

Happy Mapping!

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