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I'm a map making D&D enthusiast who also happens to really enjoy making maps. I mean really, really enjoy it. I'm a Critical Role fan and also a huge fan of Roll20. I make sets, assets, and tiles that I use and I do my best to use all of them in my games. If I think it's frustrating as an online DM, I'm not going to use it. I expect no different from most of you out there.


Feel free to stream using my maps purchased through Roll20, but please contact me so I can watch the stream.


Feel free to contact me on one of my many social media platforms (Twitter is my most often checked platform) for information about my commission schedule and timeline (or anything else!). You can also add me on Discord at mrvalor #0158.

Special Thanks

To Meditating Munky, FastJimmy, Spiced Potatoes, my players and the many other people who have supported my work. Special thanks to my patrons as well.

Contact Info

Follow me at
* (for lots of stuff)
* Twitter @mrvalorisalive (includes my daily antics)
* (for big releases)
* (for updates, plans, and perks)

Thank You!

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