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Jeffrey Boyd Garrison

Howdy Gamemasters and Players, my name is Jeff and I am so glad you made it to my creator page here on Roll20! My aim is to make tokens that make you happy!

So, You Want to Know A Little About Jeff:
I'm an artist and creative type in Spokane, Washington State, USA. I love "old school" fantasy and science fiction roleplaying game genres. Particularly fond of cartoon styles of art.

I do a lot of non-digital painting and crafting too. As a heraldry nerd I have done many coats of arms paintings. As a gamer, I have crafted a lot of DIY and scratch-built miniatures and terrain for tabletop games.

Scandalous Confession: I love pineapple on pizza.

What you can expect from my tokens:

  • Maximum possible cuteness levels baked in. We all get it, some monsters need to look scary but, scary comes after cute in the design process.When it comes to tokens, remember...
    you always need more cute.

  • Attention to the details; I use 72px as my base multiplier and I label my tokens by how many squares they are optimized to take up (i.e."2x2" for a 10' square "large" critter). I usually make the base resolution for 1x1 tokens begin at 288px/Square (so they look good in zoom) and for larger tokens, I'll sometimes double or triple that if needed (I test out the tokens in the app first and scrutinize them furiously before making a decision on final res, lol).

  • Consistently sized; I make sure that humanoids standing about 6' tall will not appear "too small" when snapped to grid in the Roll20 app. Imagine that if the humanoid token were "laying down" straight in that five foot square it's been 'snapped to' that the head would extend beyond the edge of that square. Now have the humanoid stand up... that's how tall it should "look" as you probably well know. Some people have different ideas though, and that's fine too. Just know that there's a precise method to my madness in this design process... the end result being you will have consistently and appropriately sized tokens! ^_^

  • They stand out! Have you ever had tokens that were hard to see against the map background? I use dark heavy outlines to solve this issue so you can see all your tokens clearly.

Click The Buttons!
You'll discover forbidden eldritch lore regarding the mystifying e-persona known as Jeff by clicking on those lil' social media buttons that are hiding somewhere on this profile page (probably at the end of this wall of text?). You can stay tuned on updates and even make requests and suggestions for future projects that you'd like to see. You can also make haircut recommendations (Jeff gravely needs those).

Who's Awesome? You're Awesome!
...for stopping by! Thanks again for spending your valuable time checking out my work and I hope you have a wonderful day!

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