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Andrew Chirgwin

I've been writing D&D games for homebrews, and massive worlds, for years now; I could do the arithmetic but "Lots" seems a good answer. I've got a mix of maps, short modules and long Campaign/Adventure Path length materials. I also take Map Commissions, do blog posts on all sorts of stuff, and in between all of that I do Dad (for 2 girls) and Husband duties.

Paid GMing

I'm also starting to run some Pay-to-Play games on Roll20, for 3.5E and 5E D&D. Keep an eye out for me in the Looking for Game section, or maybe send me a Private Message to find out what is happening and when.


I'd infinitely prefer to help you sort something out than have you hate what I have made over something technical. And if you do like stuff you've bought, send me some feedback or leave something in the forum. As a writer, you often here so little about your work in feedback.

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