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Just a silly nerd doing silly tokens...

... may have been playing more than actually doing tokens lately...
ごめんなさい (:3」∠)

What Yui makes:
Generic Tokens
DIY Tilesets
Instant drag and drop
Extra Trap Assets

Stay updated or contact me via:

Can I use your packs on stream for my game on Twitch? YES! In fact, toss your stream link my way and I'll share it among my followers as well.
Can I use your packs in my -insert your products here-? No, you're not allowed to include these arts in any other product that results in redistributing or re-uploading these arts outside of Roll 20 and your private games.
Do you take commission? Not at the moment, sorry :c
Not sure which NPC pack to buy?
NPC Pack #1: Orcs/Half-orcs, Gnomes, Elves/Drows, Aarakocras/Syrinxs, Kenkus/Tengus, Tabaxi/Catfolks, Dragonborn/Half-dragons
NPC Pack #2: Aasimars, Tieflings, Dwarves, Halflings, Kitsunes, Warforgeds
NPC Pack #3: Bullywugs, Changlings, Firbolgs, Frogkins, Goliaths, Minotaurs, Snake people
NPC Pack #4: Centaurs, Dogkins, Merfolks, Rabbitkins, Tortles, Tritons

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