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I'm Amatsu and I like to create top view maps for RPG. Or more commonly called battle maps. These are easy to integrate in many VTT (like Roll20).

Post apocalyptic battle map maker

I like to create maps around the theme of anticipation and more specifically: post-apocalyptic. It's a kind of universe that fascinates me and that I explore under all its expressions. Whether it's movies, books, comics, manga, series or role-playing games, the post-apocalyptic is in my blood! And I don't deny it, I'm the first user of my own post apo maps.

There is no wasted lands here

Every month, I offer a unique post-apocalyptic map. This one is declined in several original variations such as flooded, sacked, sanded, generic etc... I also include optimized versions for virtual table top and a* gridded version*. So, I make at least 3 different maps and it can go up to 6 depending on the months and the free time.

What people think about Amatsu Maps ?

Still a great pleasure to play on Amatsu's battlemaps! The places are original and detailed, which pushes to the exploration and the narration. The graphic quality is great, which immerses the players in the universe to perfection! Oroc

At last, varied, realistic, and sick quality post-apo maps! Thanks Amatsu ! Winiz

They rock and can be used for any post apo game. Manithou, from Dice Story

A myriad of details that catch the eye of the player and develop the creativity of the DM. Merlipili

To have access to all the variations and to exclusive maps, I recommend the Raider level on my Patreon (link below 👇). You can also test the Scavenger formula to discover a unique map.

You can also access all my post-apocalyptic maps via my Roll20 store (I am integrating them gradually). You chek out my maps on Roll20 just right here. And yes, I was the DM. :)