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Robert Smith

Hello everyone,

In 2016 and 2017 I created the map packs below with the grey banners. These were intended for resale upon their creation, and I worked hard to make them as reusable as possible for purchasers, but found them relatively unfun to make. So I stopped.

Now, in 2018 I have taken up the hobby again, but this time I am making maps for the games I run as a game master. As such, this new series will receive a new banner color (TBD). They are also being labelled as random maps, because for consumers, that's how they will appear. I include a brief summary of the arc my PCs covered so you can understand how these maps came to be, but otherwise, they are random!

I hope people find these useful! All proceeds go towards convincing my wife my Cintiq 22' HD drawing monitor wasn't a waste of money.

Thanks as always and happy GMing,
Ink Dungeoneer

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