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David Hemenway

The devil is in the details ...

I make realistic, detailed maps & assets to help make your game the best it can be. My decades of experience in digital art & graphic design has finally allowed me to work full time as a fantasy cartographer.

Here are a few set combinations to get you started:
Town Building
Try Build Your Own Towns & Villages + Build Your Own Docks & Coastlines + Game Props Marketplace to make a small town home base for your PCs.

City Building
Need a bigger urban sandbox to play in? Put together the fantasy city of your dreams with Build Your Own Fantasy City and the Expansions Fantasy City Expansion I, Fantasy City Expansion II and Fantasy City Expansion III.

Custom Dungeons
Layouts & Lairs II + Game Props Dungeon + Game Props Dungeon 2 make it easy to get an impromptu dungeon crawl ready to go!

I've been playing RPGs since 1983 (almost always as the game master) and my preferred system is Pathfinder. I like dogs and currently own two beagles.

Click on the Twitter icon below and follow to see what I'm working on next.

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