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Having spent the last three days roaming the echoey halls of this vast dungeon, your party comes across a heavy wooden door. Set into the door is a large ornate lock.
Your dragonborn rogue, having lost the majority of his lockpicks on previous locked doors, decides to peer in through the keyhole to see what's on the otherside.
A yellow eye peers back from behind the door and - having failed his CON save - you slowly look on as your dragonborn rogue slowly turns to stone...

Greetings, adventurers!

I am Shambles! Your guide to the realms of Dungeon & Dragons (or Pathfinder, Shadowrun, Vampire, Call of Cthulu or any other Tabletop RPG that might float your boat!)

I am a simple purveyor of digital tabletop miniatures (also known as tokens) that you can use to help illustrate and accentuate your RPG experience!

Please feel free to browse my wares below and hit me up on Twitter (@SeanMcShambles), Patreon (Shambles RPG) or my instagram (@shamblesrpg) if you have any suggestions, feedback or just feel like saying "hi"!