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The Mystery of Lion Rock

Author: Nailcoffin Media $9.99

A 5e module for first tier adventurers

There was panic when the earth began to shake, but the avalanche in the nearby mountain range has caused bigger problems. The avalanche unearthed the entrence to a forgotten city. Those who have approached and lived to tell the tale speak of a void that belches forth horrid aberrations and vile fiends. One man spreads the tale of a large set of fallen doors, marked with the carvings of massive lions.Unless someone steps forward to stop them it's only a matter of time before the creatures spread chaos through the peaceful country side.


Map Features

The Mystery of Lion Rock has been built with support for interior dynamic lighting

Nailcoffin Media Modules

We strive to create modules with interesting story elements that can easily be placed into any ongoing campaign with little effort or modification of your story. I've included suggestions on how to get your players to the beginning of the adventure, but left it open for you to decide.

The Adventure

Designed for a party of 3rd or 4th level adventurers. This adventure should take 3+ sessions to complete.

System: D&D 5e
Starting Level: 3
Length: Adventure (2-5 sessions)
Features: Dynamic Lighting, Tokens with Stats, Pre-gen Character Sheets, Rollable Tables, Jukebox Integration

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