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Siege of the Kobolds

Author: Jonathan Llewellyn $9.99

Siege of the Kobolds is an adventure module designed for 5th edition dungeons and dragons and was created with the intent of providing a large 'sandbox' environment for the dungeon master. Multiple versions of the main plot line are provided making the adventure suitable for both low and medium tier play. Higher tier play is also possible, with suitable enemies included at the cost of a briefer story line. Some encounter planning will be required by the DM due to the open ended plot lines.

This adventure is an excellent addition to any campaign that has used my previous module 'Massacre at Skytop Mine', taking place in the same regional area with some recurring characters, however it was designed primarily as a stand alone.

A Kobold clan, violently driven from the Valley of Whispering Pines by the ever expanding borders of humanity, have wallowed for years deep in the mountains, licking their wounds. But now they've returned, and with a will and savagery never before seen! Like a northern wind they came down from the frosty peaks, then swept into the valley and pushed beyond to settled lands...

What is driving this sudden resurgence? Rumors abound; is there a dragon behind it? Perhaps the swamp witch has roused them? Whatever the cause, these Kobolds have a will, and it will take a mighty party of adventurers to stop them!


System: D&D 5e
Length: Epic Adventure (6-10 sessions)
Starting Level: 3
Features: Dynamic Lighting, Tokens with Stats

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