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Mists of Akuma (SotDL): Revenge of the Pale Master

Author: Storm Bunny Studios $14.99

A Shadow of the Demon Lord adventure for four to six PCs of 5th-6th level set in the Mists of Akuma campaign setting.

Revenge of the Pale Master plunges the adventurers into the rusted heart of the industrial city of Kizaki on the eve of a great evil’s reawakening. At its heart lies a mystery, and GMs running this module are encouraged to build tension and an aura of danger as the PCs uncover the secret history that casts a long shadow upon the future of this settlement in Gekido Prefecture. Part of the adventure’s tension is based upon the ticking clock—the party arrives as night falls on the eve before the Festival of Falling Hawks, giving them less than 24 hours to uncover the truth and take action against those they believe to be the villains of the story.


Please note Shadow of the Demon Lord is not an open license game. If you have adventures you want to publish using SotDL, contact Robert Schwalb about licensing (he's a great guy!)

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