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The Chosen One Vol 2 - Goblins Goblins Everywhere

Author: Andrew Chirgwin $14.99

The Raiding Season seems to be especially terrible. You’ve crawled out of the Tomb you investigated, and Klaus has been shocked at the news. He vanished for a handful of days, and then rushed your group out of town to cross the country again. The conversation he has with you is nervous, and scared, and you only have the promise that you will have some local work to do while he organizes something else. And so you turn up, next to the desert, with towns under constant threat, and with a letter recommending you to the Captain of a nearby keep. With the nagging doubts about if there will be better news coming.

This is the next volume of The Chosen One Campaign for use with Diana P’s 3.5 Edition Sheet. For the previous Volumes:

Artwork for NPCs and Tokens by Vanderforge

Included are:

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