Breakfast Cult

A game about school days and the end of days

Breakfast Cult is a Fate Accelerated game of cosmic horror mystery and high school drama. You play students at Occultar Academy, the world's best school for the occult sciences, as they deal with the dark side of the occult and the pressures of school life. If you want to survive to graduation you'll have to solve mysteries, uncover the secrets of the Ancient Ones, and figure out which of your classmates is conspiring against you before it's too late.

The Roll20 module contains large excerpts from the Breakfast Cult book, for reference or use as a stand-alone game. It also includes:

  • 20 sample PCs with portraits, stats, and tokens.
  • A custom character sheet for Occultar Academy students.
  • 40+ encounters to build your cosmic horror mysteries with, including custom macros.
  • A custom deck to represent Fate Points.
  • Custom mats depicting Occultar Academy, for something to look at.
  • Cross-linked handouts for easy reference.

System: Fate
Length: Adventure (2-5 sessions)
Features: Tokens with Stats, NPC Character Sheets, Pre-gen Character Sheets, Card Decks, Custom Macros

License: Roll20 End User License Agreement
(Personal Use Only, Do Not Distribute)

i Can only be used with Roll20; cannot be downloaded.
+ All Access Vault Enabled
You and your players can export existing Characters from other games into this game using the Character Vault feature. Read more »